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.NET: How to Randomize the Order of a List and Optional Parallel List

Using C#, randomize or shuffle a list, and optionally, a second, parallel list.

Shuffle a list or a list and its parallel list to randomize the order of data.

void ShuffleList<T>(IList<T> list1, IList<T>? list2 = null) // list2 is parallel to list1, it is an optional parameter
	Random rand = new Random();
	for(int i = list1.Count; i > 1;)

		int r = rand.Next(i + 1);

		T value = list1[r];
		list1[r] = list1[i];
		list1[i] = value;

		if (list2 != null)
			value = list2[r];
			list2[r] = list2[i];
			list2[i] = value;

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