Assembly Hello Windows Example

This simple example keeps looping until the user cancels it. Download the assembly source code:

TITLE Hello Windows

.model flat,stdcall
.stack 8192
ExitProcess PROTO, dwExitCode:DWORD
MessageBoxA PROTO, hwnd:DWORD, lpText:PTR BYTE, lpCaption:PTR BYTE, uiStyle:DWORD

hello BYTE "Hello Windows!",0

WinMain PROC

mov	 ebx, 40h	;64 is the information icon
or	ebx, 1h	 ;1 is the OK/Cancel buttons
pushd ebx		 ;uiStyle
mov	 ebx, offset hello
pushd ebx		 ;lpCaption
pushd ebx		 ;lpText
pushd 0		 ;hwnd
call	MessageBoxA
cmp	 eax, 1h	 ;1 is the OK button being pressed; compare eax to 1
je	msgbox	;if eax equals 1, jump to msgbox:

pushd 0
call	ExitProcess

WinMain ENDP
END WinMain