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.NET: Find Keywords in Text using Regex

How to find a keyword in text using C# Regular Expressions

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Regular expressions make is simple work to find keywords in text.

string text = "this is a test!";
string keyword1 = "test";
string keyword2 = "tes";
Regex regex1 = new Regex(@"(?i)\b" + Regex.Escape(keyword1) + @"\b");
Regex regex2 = new Regex(@"(?i)\b" + Regex.Escape(keyword2) + @"\b");
bool found1 = regex1.Match(text).Success; // true
bool found2 = regex2.Match(text).Success; // false

Use Regex to remove special characters in a keyword

string text = "this is a C++ test!";
string keyword = "c++";
keyword = Regex.Replace(keyword, @"[^0-9a-zA-Z]+", string.Empty) // remove all special characters from a keyword
Regex regex = new Regex(@"(?i)\b" + keyword + @"\b");
bool found = regex.Match(text).Success; // true

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